Gerald Durrell and David Attenborough influenced a lot my carrier

With my dog, Gömbi at ‘Hosszúrét’, a hillside in suburban Budapest which we would like to submit for becoming a protected area. Photo: Móni Czinder.

The logo of National Geographic.

Already in my childhood I was fascinated by nature: the world of animals, plants and fungi. Currently I am member of Peter Török’s research group who is a professor at Debrecen University, Hungary. I work there as a public outreach expert and research associate and I am teleworking from Budapest, the capital. I also work as a photo journalist for National Geographic: my articles are published on the Hungarian webpage. You can find my articles here. My scientific research deals with the reintroduction of endangered animals. I am proficient in English and French – I also understand a bit of Italian and German.

In my logo you can see a European mudminnow, because I am participating in the conservation of this species.

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