Experience, references

When I was 16, I started to take photos of ducks and geese in the parks of Paris. Nature photography was my hobby at first, later it became part of my job as well. I usually take nature photographs and document environment related events.

Liberty statue, Budapest.

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+ about 50 photos on the Hungarian web-page of National Geographic

+ about 150 photos printed in Élet és Tudomány (Life and Science), a Hungarian language magazine

+ about 500 photos published on the environmental news portal greenfo.hu

+ about 50 photos published on Ecology Blog (Ökológia Blog)

+ about 10 assignments to document conferences and events

+ 11 solo exhibitions

+ further publications in the media: origo.hu, Nők Lapja (Women’s Magazine), Új Ember (New Man)

+ photos in theses

+ Facebook profile pictures

+ illustrations in academic presentations.