Experience, references

When I was 16,I started to take photos of ducks and geese in Parisian parks. The nature photography was my hobby at first, later it became part of my job as well. Mostly I take photos of nature (link to the relevant gallery) or take a snapshot of events related to the environment (link to the relevant gallery). My articles forGreenfo, illustrated with my own photographs can be seen here.

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My pictures were published hundreds of times in various newspapers, web portals, publications (e.g. Greenfo.hu, ÉletésTudomány (“Life and Science”) , origo.hu , NőkLapja, Új Ember, theses etc.), Facebook profile pictures or as illustration of scientific presentations.

I worked inter alia for the 27th World Conservation Biology Congress, for the National Meeting of Environmental and Conservation Organizations,for the Csikihegyek Street Elementary School, for WWF Hungary and for the Hungarian Bicycle Club, I took photos at the concerts of PressoTangóLibidómusic band and at weddings as well.

In 2001, I presented my pictures at a common exhibition with Emma Varga graphic artist, and since 2012,I exhibited a selection of my best pictures at seven locations (schools, community centres). The last such occasion was in the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,at the end of 2015.

Leave it to me to capture the event!

I undertake the photographic documentation of events, conferences, conservation programs.


Are you looking for nature photos, environment related images for publications?

There are a lot of such scenes in my archive of about 160 000 images. Write me what kind of picture you need, and I am happy to be at your service!

If you would like to order, please contact us at bb@bajomi.eu or call us at the +36 30 90 59 249 telephone number!